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Oyster Powder Spice




Who doesn’t love to watch someone else shuck a fresh oyster and then slurp it down themselves without all the hassle of doing the work?  Let’s face it; shucking an oyster is a tough job!  Well let us do the work for you – all YOU have to do is order a jar of our amazing Oyster Extract Powder!  You will get all the flavor you come to expect from a fresh oyster because our Oyster Extract Powder is made from real oysters.  It provides an intense and authentic flavor that will add dimension to your all your cooking.  Just like our Clam Extract Powder, it is a great solution because it will dissolve with ease into water and will never have the grit and sand that you find a to be a nuisance.  Use it to create tasty stocks for soups, chowders and stews.  Use it to make seafood dishes and Asian noodle creations.  Oyster Extract Powder makes excellent sauces for fowl and steak as well.  As many of you are already aware,  oysters have been proven in research facilities to promote health concerning immunity, fatigue, signs of aging, skin, sexual health issues and among many other benefits.  You don’t know what you are missing until you order a jar of Chef’s Gourmet Flavors Oyster Extract Powder!